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Directory of Website Designs for Small Businesses

Web Design Directory for Custom Websites and Web Template Designs Offered by 1EzHost

We build 2 different types of websites for our clients. First type combines template websites and niche templates which are meant to help small businesses with limited budget. This web design is very affordable to begin with, plus we offer monthly payment plan which makes the starting costs so small that virtually everybody can now afford to start their online business.

To look at hundreds of different templates to choose from, in a variety of colors and layouts, go to Directory of Inexpensive Template Web Designs. We're sure you w'll be able to find there at least a few templates you like.

As a variation of template web design service we offer template websites specifically designed for certain niche markets. Currently we have templates for golf fans, pet lovers, fish and flyfishing, woodwork and crafts and more.

If you want to start a website in the specific niche, then go check our Directory of Niche Template Web Designs. If you find the template that is perfect for your niche, you're in luck. We don't charge extra to build niche website if it's based on one of the templates that are currently offered in Niche Templates Directory. You can have niche-specific website built for you for the same price as a website which is based on a general template.

There is a way to quicker browse through all those templates to find what you want. Click Web Design Portfolio for the instructions on how to easily zoom in on the desired template.

Of course if you pick template web design, you won't be able to require any customization for your website. The template is already built, we don't have to spend too much time (and hence money) on a design. This is how we're able to help you to start your online business for pennies on a dollar.

To learn more about our web template design service, and how you can start your own website regardless of your financial situation, click this link: Inexpensive Template Web Design.

If you want unique web design where you'll be able to customize anything you want and ask for specific colors, layouts or purpose-driven websites, flash design or custom development, then obviously template web design service is not a good choice.

In this case take a look at our Custom Web Design. It's much more flexible and we can accomodate any of your requirements including building e-commerce solution. Obviously custom design is time-consuming and resouces-intensive, so you should allocate considerable budget for such project.

To see the samples of Custom Designs we did for our clients, please go to the Directory of Custom-Designed Websites. Looking forward to help you build your unique web presence quickly and efficiently!


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