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Research Your Domain and Register it for only $9.95

Domain Registration and Domain Research

It's Very Important for your business to register the Right Domain Name.

Soon you will be able to research available domain names and register them from this section of our site for just $9.95 (we're talking about .com, .net, .us, .biz, .info, .org and .name domains). Other TLD will be available too, but for different price. For example, .asia TLD is now available and very hot. You'll be able to get it from us for $37.95. You will be able to order domains from virtually any part of the world - be it .gs, .jp or .de or .ru.com or .fm - we've got them all!

You probably saw the domain names that are 20 or more characters long. Allow us to tell you a little secret. These domains are useless. Why? Because most people won’t be able to remember these domains. And will not type them correctly in the browser. So you end up losing a lot of traffic, and customers (which is even worse).

Also you need to either pickup some catchy name (like Google, for example) or research what keywords could be beneficial for your business in the long run and try to get one of those names. But whatever you do, stay away from 20 characters behemoths!

You might ask what TLD (top-level domain) is better for your business. And the answer is: if you live in the US, always choose dot.com (.com).

So why did we choose .biz, you ask? You may go to www.1ezhost.com and you will see that this domain is ours as well.

We simply leveraged the same name by dividing the tasks to several TLDs (.biz for web design, development and hosting and .com for selling our e-books and software products).

Got it? It never hurts to have .biz or .net, but only after you control the traffic to the main TLD (.com). Otherwise you may end up losing a lot of traffic to your .com competitor.

For some other countries it might be useful to choose the TLD specific for that country (if you target the local market, for example). Such as .co.uk or .in or .it or eu etc. If you have a special need for some of those (and dozen others) TLDs, you'll be glad to know that we offer them too. Of course prices will be higher that for .com or .biz, but they will probably still be lower then you can find elsewhere.

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