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We Build Customized E-stores and E-commerce Solutions to Help You Sell Your Products Online

Custom E-Commerce Solutions

Internet is one of the hugest markets known to the mankind. We can help you take advantage of it by building custom e-commerce solutions. One of the benefits of customization is that we keep your cost efficiency in mind. There is a price difference between the system that allows you to sell one product and the one which is scaled for thousands of products. Based on your e-commerce project discription we evaluate whether you need robust complicated system ranged in tens of thousands of dollars or it would be enough to start from much simpler e-commerce enabled website.

Click this link to learn more: Our Unique Approach for Building Custom E-commerce Solutions.

In this e-commerce section of our website you will find the answer to the questions that you will inevitably face when you start thinking about ordering your own e-commerce solution.

  • What credit cards should you accept on your site?
  • What merchant provider to choose for payment processing?
  • Should you use more than one merchant service?
  • What other methods of payments other than credit cards should you accept?
  • What is the Difference Between Merchant Account and Gateway?
  • What Gateway to Look for when Applying for Merchant Account for your Online Store?
  • How to make sure that you avoid fraudulent transactions?
  • How to install SSL certificate and what certificate to use on your e-commerce website to ensure secure transactions?
  • And so on.

To read about our cost-effective stores or feature-rich ecommerce solutions, and to order the one you like, go to Custom E-commerce Solutions page.

If you don't know what is a merchant account or Gateway and why do you need them for your e-commerce website, read this page: Types of Merchant Accounts. You will learn about different types of merchant accounts and merchant services and Gateways, etc.

If you already have a merchant account, you need to make sure that it offers advanced payment verfication features such as card holder authentication and address verification. If your merchant doesn't offer such features, you can add this inexpensive Payment Verification Anti-Fraud System to make your payment processing more fraud-resistant.

It's indisputable fact that you need to install SSL certificate on your e-commerce site in order to be able to securely process the payments of your customers. Otherwise you're putting their credit card information at risk. But the question is, what type of SSL Certificates should you use. They widely differ in price and in their purposes, so if you want to know what SSL certificate is applicable for your website, and to order one for your business, go to this page:SSL Certificates

Aside from merchant accounts, it's recommended to use other third party payment processors as well. For example, some of them can help you selling your products and services by providing you access to the huge affiliate networks, others do not charge monthly payments, only the percentage of real sales. Some of them are more popular within certain communities. The bottom line, the more payment options you implement the better for your customers: Non-Merchant Payment Processors.


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