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Customized E-stores and Smart E-commerce Solutions are Required to Successfully Sell Your Products Online

Secure E-commerce Website and Unique array of Custom e-Commerce Solutions!

When youíre ready to create your own e-commerce store or e-commerce-enabled website, there are many factors you should consider beforehand.

Effective development of e-commerce solution involves the choice of the right shopping cart, the merchant account provider who will listen to you and not freeze your account at the first sign of refunds. You will need to decide whether you want to process all payments through one (or several) of your merchant accounts, or you might also want to use third party payment processors. Each option has itís own benefits.

You definitely need to host your store on a server utilizing secure protocol (SSL), in order to be able to successfully handle secure online transactions.

In addition to regular management tools, our company can offer a monitoring service that will give you as a merchant a peace of mind. One of the biggest problems of the 21st century is identity fraud. You never know who paid for your product or service. Was it a legitimate customer or somebody with a stolen credit card? We have sophisticated system which employs numerous filters to analyze payments that were completed through your e-store. And if there is a chance that transaction was fraudulent, you will be notified and will be able to decide whether to process that particular transaction or cancel it altogether.

We analyze your project description and suggest the solution that fits your specific market and your budget. Whether youíre selling one product or thousands, our robust architecture will ensure the implementation of a scalable e-commerce solution.

We will work with you finalizing the requirements, features, modules and all the bells and whistles to be included in your future e-commerce site.

You can choose either monthly installments plan for the development of your e-commerce solution or bulk payment option (50% in advance and 50% on delivery). To receive a free estimate for your e-commerce project, please submit your project details through our E-commerce Project Evaluation form.

You will find different options on this form. If you want us to develop your custom e-commerce solution, please choose "E-commerce" from the list of services. If you also would like our help with delivering traffic for your website, then choose both "E-commerce" and "SEO", etc.

You have nothing to lose, and a lot of profits to gain. Remember, Internet is a Klondike of the 21st century, and you're loosing hundreds thousands of dollars in un-earned profits if you're not taping into the power of the Internet! Get your e-store now and join 21st century!


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