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Different C class ip addresses for online marketing campaigns

Multi-Server SEO Hosting Package for Search Engine Optimization

If you're planning to test different traffic generation techniques and you don't want search engines to know that all those websites belong to the same company and decrease the relevant weight of your cross-links, or if you're planning to try grey-hat SEO (and especially black hat SEO) then you have to make sure that your sites are not easily trackable to the same company (or ownner).

Our SEO Hosting Package is the answer for savvy online business owners who recognize the need to host their websites on different servers and preferrably at different datacenters. SEO optimization of your Web hosting account will allow you to test many optimization techniques and at the same time stay under the radar, so your websites won't be flagged.

It's essential that you have dedicated ip addresses from different classes, and this can be done only if you have hosting accounts in different datacenters. With our SEO Hosting Package your accounts will be spread across a number of different servers, different name servers and different class C IPs.

This hosting technique also important if you're building a silo -oriented set of websites or niche websites.benefit businesses building multiple sites on many different topics. A side benefit is the risk reduction of hosting on multiple servers instead of having all your "eggs" (domains) in one basket. So even if one of your tests got one of your sites banned by search engines, at least sites on other servers will survive.

Here's what's included in SEO Hosting package:

4 Main Hosting Accounts on different servers, at 3 different Data centers.

Each Account can have up to 14 Sub-Accounts, (total number of accounts on 1 server is limited to 15). Each Main Hosting Account and each Sub-Account is allowed to host 1 domain.

Each Main Account has 2,000Mb Diskspace

5,000Mb Bandwidth Each

100 MySQL Databases

/cPanel / Fantastico

All the features mentioned in the Basic Webhosting are included.

Access to proprietary e-commerce system (offered through E-commerce Web Hosting) can be obtained with discount.

Even though this web hosting package is very comprehensive, it's very affordable. Now you can host your websites on 4 different servers for just $89.97 per month

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