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Basic Web Hosting, E-commerce Package or SEO Flexibility - the choice is Yours!

The most important feature you should look for when choosing a hosting company for your site nowadays is not the amount of bandwidth or space allocated to you, but the quality of support and the response time when you need help.

Otherwise all the gigabytes of physical server space in the world wonít help you run a successful online operation. If your site is down or youíre running a marketing campaign that could result in a heavy traffic to your site and you need more bandwidth, or you have some other emergency that could affect the profitability and efficiency of your online business, you want a solution for your problem ASAP.

You simply canít afford the luxury on indefinite response time to your request. Many hosts state that they will ďget back to you "within 72 hours". In reality, some of our customers shared with us that they couldnít get any response from their previous hosting companies for many days when they needed quick help.

At 1EzHost this wonít happen to you. You will get a response within a few business hours. We strive to make sure that our company name does match the quality and ease of our hosting services. After all, 1EzHost is a short name for First Easy Host.

Currently we offer 3 different hosting packages.

Basic Hosting Package is a good choice if youíre just starting online and you want to either host a brochure-type website, sort of your online business card.

E-commerce Hosting would be appropriate for you if you want to sell products online. As part of this package you would have access to our proprietary e-commerce software that would allow you to quickly and easily create mini-packages for your products.

SEO Hosting is a good choice if youíre an advanced Internet user and you understand the importance of having your websites hosted on different C class ip addresses. And we can create a custom package for you as well. Letís say you to use our e-commerce platform and you also need the flexibility of the SEO hosting. No Problem. Just tell us what you need and youíll get it. Click any of the links above to learn more about each webhosting package.


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