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If you are looking for unique web design to make your business stand out or need help with custom web development, you've found the right place!

Unique Web Design and Custom Web Development Solutions for Small Businesses and Middle-Size Companies.

1EzHost L.L.C. is a web design, web development and hosting company located in Massachusetts (Ma), Big Boston area. We provide full range of personalized web design and web development services for small and middle-size companies.

We make sure that our clientsí sites are built in such way that they can be easily optimized for improved search engines visibility. Though weíre physically located in Boston area, it doesnít mean we canít help you if youíre, say in LA California or Orlando Florida or if youíre in Europe or Asia for that matter.

We have several international clients, and in this Internet era long distance communications are not a problem.

Itís a common knowledge nowadays that any business has to have online presence in order to keep competitive advantage in its marketplace and to acquire new clients and customers.

So whether youíre an established company that is expanding and creating online division or a new business that has just started generating revenue, you should have your website designed and developed yesterday. Yes, this is not a typo. You should have it done a long time ago.

Website can serve multiple purposes. It can be as simple as your online business card or as sophisticated as full-blown custom e-commerce system or custom web development project for multi-data center cross-platform private network of niche-targeting websites.

To learn more about different web design options and to choose web design which fits your budget and your needs, please look at our Web Design Services.

Many times you need more functionality and interactivity than could be provided through simple html. Of course, if you order new web design and development services from us we will work with you to define your specific requirements.

If you already have a website, you might want to add some additional features or functionality to it.

The simplest example would be adding contact form to your site. If you display your email address as a way for people to contact you, your email address will end up in the lists used by spammers for unsolicited advertisements. And it can bring you a lot of headache later on.

So itís wise to use a contact form instead where your contact email address is hidden. As simple as it sounds, itís not that simple to design a secure contact form. If you wonít take proper precautions your contact form might be vulnerable to various hacking attacks. So you need to make sure that all input fields are properly filtered to prevent this type of trouble.

You also might want to design some custom widgets to make your website more interactive and fun. Or you need to install some scripts and you have no idea how to do it.

We can help you solve any of this problems.

Please check out our Web Development Services for more details about our web development solutions.

If your business grows and you now have need to start selling your products or services directly on your website, you need e-commerce solution.

To learn more about our e-commerce-enabled websites and e-commerce solutions, please take a look at our e-commerce services and choose your e-commerce option.

And last but not least.

We also offer website maintenance services. You might need to update your website on a weekly or monthly or even daily basis. For example, to change images, to create new web pages, to update your schedule or news page.

And you need it to be done quickly and professionally.

If this is the case then look at our Website Maintenance Services and choose the maintenance monthly plan that suits your needs.

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