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Affordable Template Website Design for Small Businesses

Cheap Template Web Design

Website is a necessity today, not a luxury. We understand that you might have a limited budget and can’t afford a custom website design yet, but there is no reason for not having a simple template website. We made this design option very inexpensive. To make template web design even more affordable, we offer a payment plan to help those who just started their business and have extremely limited budget.

To order your own website today, first choose the web design template you like from our library of template designs. Go to “Project review form” and select “Web Design and Development” from the list of options. Describe your requirements in the text box. Enter the website template number you like and choose the industry you’re in, etc. Don’t forget to indicate that you’re looking for template website design.

Virtually every business today needs a web presence, and if your business doesn’t have a website yet it won’t be too much of exaggeration to say that pretty soon your competitors will take your share of the market and you’ll be out of business.

Why? Billions of people use Internet every day and they search for all kinds of products and services online. It doesn’t matter if your product/service is local or has a global appeal. If your market is global than it’s clear that without website you can’t promote to international markets and hence tremendously limit your business. Even with local services (say, hair salons or gas stations) not having a website will hurt you. Sure, your current clientele already knows you and might continue using your service.

But consider this, your competitors probably already have websites, and their websites can appear in local search results when people are looking for let’s say “hair salon Boston” or “Los Angeles cheap gas station” or “luxury condominium in Orlando”, and so on. You got the idea.

Your services might be better and your prices more attractive, but since you don’t have a website, thousands of potential clients won’t be able to find you, and will give their money to your competitors.

Website is not only an excellent tool to attract new customers, it can serve many different purposes.

  • It can describe your products and services and show visitors how to contact you thus serving as your online business card;
  • It can be used to interact with your potential and current customers;
  • To capture your visitors information in order to build a list of prospects and to allow you to follow-up with them;
  • website can be used to sell your products and services;
  • It's a very convenient reference point in any off-line advertisement and so on.
  • There are hundreds different ways you can use your website to your advantage and boost your revenue.

Of course, if you choose our most inexpensive web design option, then this website will mostly serve as your virtual business card. You won’t be able to sell through such website or interact with your customers, but you will be able to provide your contact information and your site can still be used as a reference point. What is probably more important, such website also has a chance to show up high in search results for your targeted keywords.

Since template web design is the cheapest service, no custom modules will be included in such order. You will choose from our current library of template designs, and we will build website with pages describing your products and services. Whatever template you choose, it will be used as-is. There won’t be any customization done to the template (except your website name will be used in the header instead of “your company name” or “your business name” that you see on the template samples now). But hey, at least you’ll have professionally looking website which is search engine friendly and ready for future search engine optimization.

There will be no changes to pictures, colors or font types/styles within the template. This option also does not support template scalability. That means, you probably won’t be able to add many different modules to such site in the future and expect that it will be user - friendly and easy to navigate. Scalability requires careful planning and the use of advanced programming that is only reserved for custom websites.

Template website is your starting point. It’s your door to the online world if you have limited budget. When your business grow and you are able to afford custom design, we will develop any custom modules you need including e-commerce abilities and unique design.

Even with a limited budget, please do your business a favor and don’t downgrade it to the level where you try to do it yourself or ask your relatives to create something for you.

Please keep in mind that in order to build even a simple website you have to have skills in web design (such as knowledge of html, css, ftp, ability to work with html editors and graphic editing programs) and at least basic knowledge of web servers so you could set up email accounts, filters, password-protected directories, change file permissions, etc.

If you don’t think you have all those skills, don’t try to build your own website and don’t ask your niece/nephew to create a website for you unless your relative is a professional web designer/developer. You might pay less, but you will end up with something that will be impossible to properly market online and your website will look amateurish and create a wrong impression about your business.

Don’t forget, we offer monthly payment webdesign plan, so the only thing you pay is very reasonable monthly payment affordable to anybody even with very limited budget.

You don’t ask your relatives to conduct a surgery on you, don’t you? You look for a surgeon. So let the professionals handle all the intricacies of creating user-friendly website with easy navigation suitable for further search engine optimization.

As additional service option, we can help you to create content for your website. So don’t delay. Order Your Website Today. Your website can start bringing new customers in for your business tomorrow.


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