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If you bought a script for your website and you have no idea how to install it or what to do to actually make it work, then you've come to the right place!

Custom Script Installation and Modifications for Small and Middle-Size Businesses

If you're not a professional script installer or programmer you might have a hard time trying to figure out how to make your script work. Or you bought a script and then you find out that it doesn't exactly work the way you expected. We can either modify the script or write the new one (sometimes it's easier). Either way we won't leave you hanging half-way. You'll receive the solution that work exactly how you want, plus we will install it for you. So you won't have any headache, you just concentrate on your core business. Let us us handle all the technical details.

Here is just one more example. Let's say you have the wordpress blog installed on your site. As you know wordpress releases new versions very often. And one of the reasons for frequent script modifications and new releases is that new security holes are found all the time. So if you don't upgrade your wordpress version pronto, your entire online business might be at risk. That's where we come in.

You either use our Web Development Project Review Form, choose "Web Design and Development" from the list of services, and submit your project details. Or you use the same form but indicate that you're interested in our Website Maintenance services.

A little hint. If it's a one-time project then your only option is to pay us for Script Installation. But if you need help with web development or script upgrades and modifications on a weekly or monthly bases then our "Website Maintenance" service will be a better choice.

Of course wordpress is not the only script that has to be upgraded frequently. If you have Content Management System installed on your site (often called CMS), such as Joomla or other open source or proprietary software solutions, you will have to upgrade it often for the same reason.

The same is true for every forum install, plugins for CMS and Blog environment, e-commerce set ups and upgrades. There is infinite number of different situations when you need script installation and upgrades.

To receive a quote for your script installation or script upgrade project, please submit your projectís specs/description through our Project Review Form for Script Installation.

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