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If You Have No Clue How to Update Your Website and You Need help, You've Come to the Right Place!

Custom Website Update and Maintenance Services

If you already have a website, there is a good chance that you might need to update it quite often. The quantity and frequency of updates depend on both your industry and your particular business. But generally if you have any sort of schedule updates or event updates or news, etc, you might need weekly or even daily updates.

Of course you might also need to change images or add new ones, or add new pages with additional content to your site, or you have a new partner, and you want to post the new reference on your links page, or you have a new testimonial, or you need to update your contact information.

There could be ton of different reasons why you need to update your website.

If youíre not a web designer/developer and youíre not familiar with html, xml, javascript and other scripting or mark up languages that are used virtually on every page of every website, and if you donít know how to upload files to your server then it would be difficult for you to make the changes you want.

And yet itís too expensive to hire your own designers and developers. And it may be counter-productive too if you only need professional web design/ development services only for a few hours per month.

We created a solution for you! Now you can choose different maintenance options based on your needs. Options range from 4 hour of maintenance services per month to 120 maintenance hours per month.

So please think how many hours of maintenance services do you need per month, and then submit your project description and approximate number of maintenance hours per month (in this case the project description is the list of maintenance tasks that you wish to delegate to our company).

Submit your maintenance project through our Website Maintenance and Updates Project Review Form.

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